Monday, May 13

Hi Everyone,

we just wanted to let you know that this site will no longer be updated. With me working full-time, Kim's computer troubles and Gin being away for longer than anticipated it's just not feasible any more.

I thank all the people who've been part of this blog: staff, helpers and commenters. Especially Kim, who has been the one keeping everything going these past weeks, months really. And Tina, who brought me on to the previous blog.

I've been doing this for almost 11 years so this feels like retirement. ;)

For your Faerie Crossword answers we recommend jellyneo: (leads directly to the FC answers)

Or, should you want to try your hand at solving the puzzle yourself, there is our handy List of clues and answers.

ETA more sites with FC answers: Daily Neopets (also has the Daily Puzzle answer)

SunnyNeo (SunnyNeo's FC Answers are in capital letters! :))


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help all these years! At least now you'll have a well-earned rest c:

nantastic said...

Thank you. I will miss you guys. I've been following your answers for years. You have definitely gone above and beyond. I don't usually post. Just know as you close up shop that you are appreciated and have helped countless Neopians. Cheers.

Dona said...

Thank you very much Kerstin for the help you and your helpers have given us over many years.
A special 'thank you' for Kim.

mike hall said...

I am sure going to miss you folks. I have been coming here for years because I did not like navigating the jellyneo site.

This place will sure be missed. and sorry I am not closer to Kim to help with the computer problems.

mike hall said...

What I am going to miss the most is getting the answers in CAP letters. :(

Kim said...

Thank you all for following! And Mike! :D I wish you were closer as well!! Haha! My hubby works IT, he will fix it eventually! unfortunately he works a lot and doesn't have a lot of time. So a few weeks hopefully!

Other places to find the crossword answers:

Daily Neopets


SunnyNeo's Crossword Answers are in capital letters! :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, sad to see you go. I loved your format and how helpful and nice you all were. Goodbye and good luck, you guys. <3

Alie said...

Thanks to all for the help, it was much appreciated !

Kim said...

Thank you for all your warm messages! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work!!

sagesmate said...

sorry you have had to close down but unfortunately life gets in the way of neo sometimes :)
thanks for all the time you spent on putting up the answers i know there must have been times when you thought is it worth it
( thought the same myself when i used to help nacnud on his page )then i go and do the same here that is use the answers and dont comment very often.

sagesmate said...

further to above comment if you do want to restart and need help occasionally message me might be able to do the odd day but now have to go out to work earlier than i used to most mornings.

mike hall said...

Your pet daddyattitude has increased in intelligence by 1 point!

I sure miss you folks and wished I could help out - but the time zone I am in NST time, makes it hard for me to stay up to post answers.

Jerome said...

Just read this now! Kinda sad to hear that you guys are closing. :( Just wanted to say thanks for all the help throughout the years, Kerstin and company! :) Your blog is one of the earliest ones to post crossword answers everyday. And although it's been a while since I last did Faerie Crossword as part of my dailies, I sometimes visit here to see the comments for the Daily Puzzle answer. Wish I could be of help, but alas, I also can't go online at midnight NST everyday.

Thanks for all the help, and see you on Neo, Habitarium buddy! ;)

Kerstin said...

Thank you fall for the messages!

Hey, Jerome, long time no read. ;)

It's been almost two weeks and I have to say it's oddly freeing not having to be on the computer on time for the FC.

P.S. Go Meridell!

cloonshannagh said...

Thank you so much for all these years, Kristen! You are much appreciated and will be sore missed. Via con Dios to you all.
~~Patty and BluBunnyBaby

mike hall said...

Hi Kerstin,
Just letting you know you are not forgotten. :)